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1 Abstract

This document describes the ForgeFed protocol. ForgeFed is an extension of the ActivityPub protocol for delivering notifications and content for federation of version control systems. The purpose of this specification is to describe a protocol that can be integrated into source code management for enabling collaboration across different platforms.

2 Status of This Document

3 Overview

ForgeFed is an extension of ActivityPub and follows the same “actors” model, with a client-to-server protocol and a server-to-server protocol.

4 Conformance

The key words MAY, MUST, MUST NOT, SHOULD, and SHOULD NOT are to be interpreted as described in [RFC2119].

5 Objects

Objects are the core concept around which both ActivityPub and ForgeFed are built. Examples of Objects are Note, Ticket, or Image. Objects are wrapped in Activities, a subtype of Object that describes some form of action that may happen, is currently happening, or has already happened. Examples of Activities are Create, Delete, or Follow.

6 Actors

A ForgeFed implementation MUST provide an Actor of type Repository for every repository that should support federation.

A ForgeFed implementation SHOULD provide an Actor of type Person for every user of the platform.

7 Client to Server Interactions

ForgeFed uses Activities for client to server interactions, as described by ActivityPub. A client will send objects (eg. a Ticket) wrapped in a Activity (eg. Create) to an actor’s outbox, and in turn the server will take care of delivery.

7.1 Follow Activity

The Follow activity is used to subscribe to the activities of a Repository. The client MUST send a Follow activity to the Person’s outbox. The server in turn delivers the message to the destination inbox.

7.2 Push Activity

The Push activity is used to notify followers when somebody has pushed changes to a Repository. The client MUST send a Push activity to the Repository’s outbox. The server in turn delivers the message to the Repository followers.

8 Server to Server Interactions

8.1 Follow Activity

The server receiving a Follow activity in a Repository’s inbox SHOULD add the sender actor to the Repository’s followers collection.

9 Acknowledgements